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Why Men Find Escorts In Singapore

Escorts are really popular in Singapore, and men constantly look for them. After all, it is one of the most popularly suggested type of adult entertainment in SG. Here are reasons why men look for Singapore escorts!

Evolutionary reasons

First and foremost, it is evolutionary that men look for quantity while women look for quality. That is why men tend to prefer having multiple partners, while women prefer having the one best partner. Since men usually do not prefer commitment from an evolutionary standpoint, escorts are perfect for these men who are not ready for marriage anyways. This is because they can look for multiple different girls all with no strings attached when it comes to social escorts.

Too busy to find girls any other way

Second of all, most people in Singapore lead a hectic and busy work life and escorts are their only way to date. This is partly due to the kiasu culture in SG, as well as due to the sky high costs of living in Singapore. As a result of that, people work really hard. However, that means that they barely have enough time elsewhere to actually socialize and date. Therefore, for the high flying businessmen who are too busy to socialize and date, they simply hire escorts from time to time to accompany them.

Just like a form of adult entertainment

Thirdly, it is just a type of adult entertainment. For example, night clubs and bars are the favourite for some. Social escorts just happen to be another – just that they are way more expensive and for the actually rich, so fewer talk about it. However, among the wealthy, it is actually a norm for single guys to date escorts.

Form of status symbol

Next of all, some men in Singapore look for these ladies as a form of social status symbol. What do I mean by that? Have you ever seen small or big events or perhaps even just a simple business meeting where a businessman rolls up with a really hot lady? Some of these girls are actually paid escort companions. Being seen with a beautiful lady is seen as a form of compliment to these men, just like how men love driving a hot sports car and being seen owning and driving them. Therefore, some men look and hire these paid female companions as a form of status symbol.

Every man loves the companionship of a beautiful girl – only the rich can afford it

Finally, which Singaporean man does not like the companionship of a beautiful woman? Even men who pretend to despise men who engage escorts stare and ogle at beautiful and hot women when they walk past them. They just do not dare to own up to their own desires and are too poor to hire an escort girl.

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