Who Are These Social Escort Girls? Answering Singaporeans’ Big Question!

One of the most popular questions Singaporean people love to ask when it comes to escorts is actually, who are these girls? Are they your typical girl next door working as a discreet escort or are they your typical bar girl who is marked up and remodeled as a high class luxury escort instead?

Seeing that this is one of the most popular questions ever, whenever some news about social escorts appear in Singapore’s news outlets, let me address it here.

The identity or description of these escorts in Singapore can vary wildly depending on which segment we are talking about

There are lots of different places and web page and sites you can make a booking for an escort from when it comes to SG. Therefore, depending on whether we are talking about Singaporean escorts, international European ones, or Vietnam or Thailand ones, the answer would be vastly different.

Singaporean escorts

The rarest of the crop, real, local Singaporean escorts are very rare, and you can only find them in a few locations online in Singapore.

When it comes to this local nationality and citizenship social escorts, most of them are actually office ladies working day jobs in Singapore. The rest are probably tertiary educational institution students whom are studying at a Singapore Polytechnic or University. Of course, the legal ones are to be 18 years old of age or older.

A rarer segment among Singaporean escorts may even be divorced women, or women are essentially separated from their husbands who need to support themselves with a second source of income with their job.

International independent escorts from Europe

Hailing from countries such as Ukraine, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and so on, these are touring escorts of European nationalities. They are in Singapore and working often illegally under tourist passes, which technically bars them from working as call girls in Singapore.

The majority of these women are often full time touring and travelling independent escorts whom are sometimes also full time sugar babies.

A minority of this group of girls are actually students on an exchange program studying at a local university in Singapore who are doing this part time.

Girls from countries in South East Asia excluding Singapore

These are girls from neighbouring South East Asia countries like Indonesia, though more commonly Thailand, and sometimes even from China SAR Hong Kong.

Most often, many Vietnamese and Thai girls are actually working at a local karaoke bar in Singapore at night, and try to increase their income by working as an escort too. These girls are often found on freelance advertisers listing sites like Locanto. These are the typical person’s idea of a bar girl working as an escort. Some of them pretend to be of Singaporean descent to charge more, but the moment you meet them or they open their mouth, you realize they cannot even hold a normal conversation properly.

Chinese escorts from mainland China

The last group will be Chinese ones from mainland China. These are almost always prostitutes working under a syndicate of sorts, while masquerading as escorts. These girls are probably working at places like SG888, TTvip7, and many more websites which already got shut down for vice activities!