SART's 2015 Season

Our 41st Season

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by John Foley, Mark Hardwick, Debra Monk,
Cass Morgan, John Schimmel, and Jim Wann

Patty and Wayne Higgins and Steak and Shake of Weaverville.

The ‘Pump Boys’ sell high octane on Highway 57 in Grand Ole Opry country and the ‘Dinettes’, Prudie and Rhetta Cupp, run the Double Cupp diner next door. Together they fashion an evening of country western songs that received unanimous raves on and off-Broadway. With heartbreak and hilarity, they perform on guitars, piano, bass and, yes, kitchen utensils.

“Both musically and theatrically, a triumph of ensemble playing. It doesn’t merely celebrate the value of friendship and life’s simple pleasures, it embodies them.” — The New York Times

“Totally terrific...It is such fun.” — The New York Post

“A gasser, with buoyant, earthy humor.” — New York Daily News
“Totally delightful.” — Newsweek

“When the inevitable “closing time’ comes along, you’ll wish you could stay a while longer.”— Christian Science Monitor

Friday & Saturday Nights & Sunday matinees

June 19 – 28 at Enka High School
Enka High

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July 10 – 19 at North Buncombe High School
N Buncombe

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July 24 – August 2 at Owen High School, Black Mountain

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by Mike Craver and Mark Hardwick

Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday Nights
August 5 –30 at Crest Mountain Dinner Show

radio gals

In the twenties, when radio ruled the airwaves and small stations thrived, music teacher Hazel C. Hunt received a transmitter as a retirement gift and station WGAL was born in Cedar Rapids, Arkansas. A wacky quintet of singer/musicians gather daily in her parlor to set hearts thumping and toes tapping with rib tickling songs, homey chat and plugs for a rejuvenating tonic that owes its kick to the still out back. Hazel’s habit of wave jumping to find a clear channel brings a government inspector to shut her down. She discovers the stage struck tenor beneath his bureaucratic facade and he is quickly ensnared in musical and romantic shenanigans.

“Keeps the music, country humor, conflict and romance coming fast enough to charm the ear and occupy the eye.” — The New York Times

“The nonstop music keeps the action cranking along like a well tuned Model T.”
The Los Angeles Times

“The magic of RADIO GALS is in its loving re-creation of America’s innocent musical past. Hardwick and Craver have brilliantly recaptured the spirit of smalltown America in the ‘20s with a remarkable sense of authenticity. This is a fun, moving tribute to the pure, light hearted innocence that was once America, and may still be lurking somewhere deep in our hearts.”





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