Working A Social Escort Job In Singapore – All About It

Have you ever wondered how working a social escort job is like?

How an escort girl leads her daily life

One of the first things you may be curious about is actually how an actual social escort leads her life. One of the key reasons for this curiosity is because SG is a highly conservative country, and as such, work like being an escort can be seen as something which is taboo. As a result, almost every girl who works as one in Singapore does not reveal to others what she actually does and keeps it secret like a double life.

However, it may not be as secretive as you may think it is! One of the key reasons is because whenever they go on bookings, the girl can simply tell her friends or family members if they do ask that they are going out with a friend. Since it is getting very common and also safe for girls to go out and stay out late in Singapore these days, nobody will question them. After all, Singapore is a relatively safe place!

Additionally, some of them will simply say that they are a friend of the client if she happens to bump into someone she knows while on the way to meeting the handbags

Also, while top female escorts can make a fair bit of income, which we will talk about in the next segment, you will be surprised that most of them do not actually show off. In fact, many of them, even if they buy branded goods, are not the typical type of girls who tend to show them off on Instagram or Facebook. They are relatively low-key people in general. That is why they work as escorts. Even if they do have active social media accounts, they do not flash their material goods, so that they do not attract unnecessary attention.

How much you can expect to make as an escort

How much money can you expect to make as one? While there are no hard and fast rules, and there are super successful, and some not as successful social escorts skewing the statistics, this is a realistic look at the numbers.

First of all, a quick look at the industry average in Singapore shows that the girls make on average around $300 to $500 per hour. To keep the purpose of this calculation straightforward and simple enough, we will assume that there are only one hour bookings.

If you were to meet one client, or rather work one hour a week, you would make roughly $1200 to $2000 a month. That is a crazy rich income.

If you were to meet two clients a week, expect to make up to $2400 to $4000 a month!

You can multiply upwards by yourself.

As you can tell, there is a hefty amount of cash involved for just a few hours of work. However, here is the really key thing. Most escorts only do it on a part time basis. In fact, most hold an office job or are students at a Diploma or Bachelor Degree course. This is also part of the reason why Singaporean escorts are so popular with clients because customers like eloquent and intelligent girls too. For those who hold office jobs, and easily make a few thousand dollars extra as an escort, they probably can and are doubling their take home income. Additionally, the cash you earn as an escort is all in cash. Wow.

What are some common concerns?

However, just like all other jobs, there are still some common concerns that you need to be aware of.

Do you know the common concerns and how to deal with them if you are either a freelancer or an escort with an agency?

First of all, are you intending to work as a freelance escort, or to work with an agency?

If you are a freelance escort, do you know how to market yourself legally, as well as pull in clients and vet clients on a consistent basis? Do you know how to deal with harassment over the phone from an overly clingy client?

If you are intending to become an agency escort, where do you find legitimate and reputable legally registered agencies to join? Which company is talking nonsense and which is the real deal which can get you lots of potential clients? Which agency will actually fiercely protect your privacy as strongly as you will your own?

How do you intend to protect your own privacy?

Second of all, Singaporeans are a very busybody bunch of people. You can almost be guaranteed that people will be trying to dig out your privacy if you be an escort.

Do you know how to safeguard yourself against that as a freelancer? And do you know which agency you should trust if you are joining an agent?

Are you even suited to work this job when it comes to your availability?

Third of all, working an escort job means that you probably will need to give up your sleep time, or your free time or your socializing time.


Meetings, appointments and bookings come at all sorts of crazy hours and timings. Sometimes multiple in a day. Sometimes none at all for several days. You will definitely need to dedicate yourself mentally, and physically to this job. It is not an easy one, albeit a high income one!

What should you note if you are intending to join a registered agency?

Most Singaporean girls decide to join an agency due to more privacy protection for them in general. Most reputable agencies in Singapore will fiercely protect their girls’ privacy, and only new entrants try to invade their girls’ privacy by listing or giving full photographs to clients, potentially breaking the girls’ privacies and lives.

Do checks if you are intending to join an agency, just like most other Singaporean escorts do. Always make sure the business is registered with ACRA, and as a social escort agency. There are really only less than a tiny handful of agencies which do this.

Image credits to ACRA

Additionally, always make sure that they are reputable. Every company says they are famous, check the media mentions. Check the reviews. Check them out. Make sure they can back up their claims before joining them, or you will soon find your precious and face photographs in the hands of unscrupulous people who may provide you with your identity exposed to your dearest and judgmental family and friends and with zero clients too!